Shorebird Decorative figurine S

NC-0035435 (normann/100160)
Normann Copenhagen

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Shorebird Decorative figurine S

Shorebird Decorative figurine S

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Product description


The Shorebird decorative figurine from Normann Copenhagen is a home sculpture that will change the character of any interior. Elegant and cheerful decoration by the Icelandic designer, will work both in the living room and bedroom, adding charm to any dresser or shelf. Available in three sizes and four colors of the legs and beak of wading birds, they will also become an excellent gift offer, for those who appreciate remarkable accessories and minimalism broken by raw, carefully selected elements of equipment of striking character. The Shorebird figurine made of oak wood with varnished wooden legs will look best in a larger group consisting of smaller and larger relatives of the snipe family - elements of the collection. The largest of the birds is a curlew , a large wading bird with a long, characteristically broken beak. The average bird is a redshank , a wandering bird with long legs and a straight beak. The smallest figure, in turn, is a reflection of a wader of a small, squeaky bird, who has the habit of nodding his head and tail while walking on the ground, or even swinging on his relatively short legs. Beautiful shapes, perfectly balanced proportions and attractive colors make, however, that the birds from the Shorebird collection are a perfect decoration not only for ornithologists :)
The version presented here is the smallest available version of the figurine, which will look great with one of its bigger 'relatives'.
Collection Normann Copenhagen figurines
Sometimes it doesn't take much to get a cosy mood - a Normann Copenhagen figure is enough. Little wooden companions designed by Normann Copenhagen bring a lot of warmth to your home. Simple, stylish shapes, modern design and the use of top quality wood make these figures the perfect gift for every design lover. In the series you will find the famous Shorebird birds, but also the original Little Bird. You can choose for yourself a whale, a swan or an abstract Normies creature. You're sure to find something you like!


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Sigurion Palsson


oak wood


11.50 cm (4.53 in)


4.50 cm (1.77 in)


0.09 kg (0.2 lb)


7.50 cm (2.95 in)


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  • Agata10/06/2021
    Lovely figurine, beautifully made, pleases the eye
  • Małgosia z Warszawy15/03/2021
    the figures are very carefully made, they look beautiful in the set
  • Patrycja23/04/2020
  • Hubert05/03/2020
    This is my third figure. Great product, well made, looks beautiful.
  • Ela11/07/2019
    Super quality
  • Dorota04/07/2019
    I recommend
  • Mariusz.25/06/2019
    Beautiful figurine, simple in form and at the same time perfectly made. The natural wood it is made of makes it a perfect decoration for modern and stylish living rooms.
  • Dominika Zielinska19/05/2019
  • Anna z Poznania01/12/2018
    An extremely original gift! Beautiful in its simplicity and nicely made.
  • Sylwia18/05/2017
    I am very happy with the purchase in your store, and the bird is beautiful!
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