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Menu is a Danish brand established in 1976. Its aesthetics is described by the brand's creators as 'Soft Minimalism' and is the quintessence of Scandinavian elegance when made from the highest quality materials. Making Design Matter', a popular idea that also accompanies the Menu brand, aims to create objects that evoke real emotions and at the same time improve everyday activities.

For those looking for Scandinavian taste in the kitchen, we offer a collection of New NormThe idea was created to equip the Host restaurant in Copenhagen - a place that has become the epitome of the Nordic lifestyle, the concept of beauty, landscape, weather and, above all, Nordic cuisine. All Menu products have typical Scandinavian design, extinguished colours and are usually made of natural materials - wood, stoneware and marble.

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New Norm Tea brewer

70,77 €

New Norm Tea brewer

New Norm Candle warmer for tea

40,44 €

New Norm Candle warmer for tea