Up to date table clocks. Match them with your interior!

They mark the flow of time and the rhythm of everyday life - table clocks are a practical, decorative element, complementing our interior design in a spectacular way. The clocks are suitable for any room - not only for the bedroom, but also for the living room and kitchen. The table clock should go well with the interior, so in today's Magazine, we look at dresser clocks and suggest how to match the clock with a particular room.

A table clock in a classic or modern style, or perhaps a mantel decoration?

Table clocks...

They are a great alternative to wall clocks. A well chosen timepiece will complement both simple and classic-style interiors, as well as the ones arranged in a modern or minimalist way. What kind of clock to choose?

Stor table clock
Orson alarm clock

Traditional table clocks have round or square discs and the case made of elegant materials. Clocks with asymmetrical shapes and avant-garde colours will not match a classic style interior, so it is worth going for table clocks in a retro or vintage style. These clocks are made of high quality materials and are characterized by natural colours, interesting, yet subtle decorations, as well as by a timeless design. The London Clock table clocks, from the Heritage collection, go well with the previously mentioned ambiance and are characterized by bright colours and gilded elements. The same goes with NeXtime clocks, which are very chic and classic. These types of timepieces perfectly fit English, Provencal and rustic arrangements. Though it should be emphasized that classic models can also be, by contrast, used in modern style rooms.




London Clock

Among modern models we can find dresser clocks, characterized by both unusual, original design, as well as minimalist ones, characterized by a simple form. Recently, the Scandinavian style has gained its popularity and it has become a synonym of warmth, simplicity and brightness, which is characterized by the use of natural elements for interior finishing. Therefore, a dresser clock, which will be a perfect complement to interiors maintained in this style, should be modest and delicate, preferably in light colours. Scandinavian design is also represented by subtle models of timepieces made of wood, such as the ones that are a part of the Oslo collection made by London Clock.


The Japanese manufacturer Lemnos also offers a wide selection of simple, yet elegant clocks, perfectly matching the Scandinavian and minimalist style.

Many of us also choose to decorate rooms in an industrial and loft style. The interiors maintained in an industrial character require the use of appropriately thought-out and sophisticated clocks. Not every model will go well with a raw, brick wall or in the vicinity of exposed cables in the background. That is why such rooms are not suited for timepieces without a dial, but instead, are perfect with clocks which are characterized by the hands made of steel, concrete or old wood. The industrial style of the interior is perfectly suited to some models of table clocks from a renowned brand Karlsson which have no dial and are made entirely of concrete or wood.

Table Clock Sometime

Mantel clocks, which, as the name suggests, are designed to be placed on the mantel, above the fireplace, are also an interesting proposition. Although they differ in their style or colour,  they share a similar form. Such timepieces are characterized by a solid base and a semi-circular top. These mainly add an aesthetic value in the interiors, complementing their decor with a beautiful and decorative addition. Fireplace clocks seem heavy and massive, therefore, they are best placed above large fireplaces and in spacious rooms decorated in a classic style. It is worth paying attention to the old retro-styled mantel clocks which will perfectly fit into the arrangement of classic interiors.

A table clock - a practical decoration for any interior

Mantel or table clocks work well in any interior, provided that we choose the right type of a clock, its shape and size, as well as the design for the specific room and the place to put it. We can choose a model that perfectly matches the design of a given interior or go for a timepiece which is an interesting eye-catching gadget. The clock should also be properly selected according to the place where you want to put it - a large timepiece placed in a small room can overwhelm the whole arrangement, while a small clock placed in a spacious interior will remain unnoticed.

    Hexagon alarm clock
    Alarm clock Tom
    Table Clock Hus

In the living room, the clock can be one of the main decorations, but when it is displayed on a dresser or a sideboard, it will highlight the tasteful character of this interior. Therefore, in the case of this room, we should go for a model distinguished by its colours, shape or original combination of materials. And if we have a fireplace in our bedroom, it will be perfecty complemented by a traditional, elegant mantel clock.

In the bedroom, where one relaxes and rests, alarm clocks and table clocks should have a silent mechanism, so that there would be no sound disturbing our sleep. The clock, which also functions as an alarm clock, will be a practical and interesting addition to the bedroom interior when it's placed on the bedside table.

Arne Jacobsen table clock

A place where we prepare meals also requires a unique setting! We are of course talking about the kitchen. And although most of the devices are equipped with electronic clocks, nothing can replace a designer table clock. The one placed on a table or a countertop in the kitchen will be aesthetical and functional, making the kitchen work easier. However, let us make sure that the clock model we choose is made of high quality materials, so it is easier to keep it clean.

Desk clocks are excellent in an office. In this room, they usually serve practical purposes, therefore it's worth choosing a large timepiece with a clear dial, so you can easily read the time. You might also place a dresser clock in the hallway, on a bookcase in your library or on a desk in your children's room. All that matters is that the clock should go well with the other decorative elements in the interior.

Table clocks - a great idea for a tasteful gift

A table clock or a mantel clock is a perfect idea for a practical, yet decorative gift. A stylish clock made of high quality materials will surely please the recipient and introduce a unique and remarkable ambience to someone's apartment. Table clocks surprise you with their diverse design. It is easy to find models of classical table clocks maintained in subdued colours, made of wood or glass, which will surely appeal to traditionalists who like the interior design, referring to the 1950s, 60s or 70s.

However, if you know that the person you want to give the clock to, appreciates modern solutions - give him one of the clock models made of steel or plastic in original, avant-garde shape or colour. Or maybe you are planning to give a gift to a minimalist who values harmony and simplicity? If so, choose a clock which is simple, yet interesting in its simplicity. The great choice would be the designer timepieces with only two clock hands.

Boxed Flip steel clock

The Boxed Flip Clock by Karlsson displays time in a 24-hour format - which is not so obvious with this type of mechanism. But there is much more to it!

The table clock is quite a universal gift that will be great for many occasions. It is the perfect little gift, both for ladies as well as for men. You can give it to your wife, to your mom or to your Grandma, especially if you know that the person close to you appreciates decorative and yet practical accessories. A table clock is also a perfect gift for your husband or a dad. Placed on a desk in the office or on a bedside table, it will remind the recipient of us every day.

The dresser clock is also an excellent idea for a gift for a housewarming party. Before buying it, it is worth asking the residents in what style they have arranged their new flat to choose the right clock.

A properly selected table clock model can also be used as a business gift or can be given to a teacher. In both cases, the gift should be elegant and sophisticated, yet modest looking. Therefore, a universal and a practical clock is a great idea!

Complete your interior design with a functional and interesting addition, which is a table clock. Properly selected, it will give the rooms a unique character and class.


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