East or West, flowerbed is best

Living plants give a cosy, unique atmosphere and are a natural decoration that fits into the style of any interior, and also purify the air from pollution and have a positive effect on the microclimate. However, beautiful flowers require an equally beautiful setting. Flowerbeds are used to help you to display the flowers in an interesting and impressive way.

Flowerbeds trend - the perfect decoration for any home

Flowerbeds used to be very popular many years ago, later they gradually began to disappear from our interiors, when they were considered old-fashioned and obsolete. However, along with the fashion for furnishing rooms in the Provencal and vintage style, flowerbeds started to appear in our homes again.

Depending on the specific model, the current flowerbeds available on the market are basically suitable for every room. They are a remarkable decoration, which in an interesting way emphasizes the style and ambience of the interior. From the wide selection of flowerbeds and flowerpot stands you will surely find models that perfectly match the character of your home.

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Which flowerbeds to choose? A standing or maybe a hanging one?

A flowerbed is a stylish flower container, thanks to which we can display the plants in a spectacular way and place it where we choose. The choice of a particular flowerbed should depend primarily on the taste and the style of our interiors, but also on the type of a plant and space at our disposal. We can choose between standing and hanging flowerbeds, which differ in their material, size and colour.

Standing flowerbeds are a perfect choice for your home, both for a living room and a bedroom, as well as for a kitchen, a balcony or a terrace. If you have a lot of flowers and not too much space in your apartment, then choose a cascade flowerbed. This is not only aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic, but also practical, as the plants in the cascade flowerbed have better access to light.

Flowerbeds for the living room, hallway, balcony or terrace are not only available in a standing version. Tasteful flowerbeds or large hanging pots are also noteworthy. Their biggest advantage is that they don't take up as much floor space as standing flowerbeds. Therefore, a wall-mounted flowerbed is ideal for small flats, where every centimetre of space is worth its weight in gold.

Wide range of flowerbeds in different styles

The type of flowerbed should be adapted to the interior in which you want to put it, so that its appearance is consistent with other accessories and decorations in the room. Large, massive metal flowerbeds with geometric shapes look great in modern interiors arranged in a loft style. Although simple and economical in their form, they surprise with elegant and impressive design. In this type of flowerbeds it is worth displaying plants with an equally modern appearance such as Yucca, Dracaena, Spathiphyllum or Zamioculcas.

Also noteworthy are the simple, slender, slightly raw metal flowerbeds with a light character which are a great addition to raw, minimalist interiors. A modern flowerbed is a perfect place for an interesting palm tree or an exotic Japanese sago palm. Equally interesting solution for modern interiors are flowerbeds hanging on the wall. Nice plants with hanging leaves or plant shoots look nice in them, e.g. Nephrolepis exaltata, Tradescantia zebrina, Fittonia or Monstera. Whereas a white flowerbed with wooden elements will look beautifully in interiors decorated in the Scandinavian style.

The classic interiors, on the other hand, are a perfect place for flowerbeds decorated in the retro or vintage style. In a large, spacious, classically decorated living room a slim and a tall wooden flowerbed will look beautiful. Any plants with a wide shape and overhanging leaves, such as Chlorophytum comosum or Nephrolepis exaltata, but also plants of a slightly raised type, such as Calathea, Alocasia or Anthurium, will look great on this type of stand.

Whereas a traditional standing flowerbed made of fancy bent steel rods will perfectly emphasize the character of interiors decorated in the rustic or romantic style. In this type of container, plants of a branchy type, e.g. Ferns or Bromelias, will look the best.

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The availability of the Ferm Living standing flowerbeds in several colours and two sizes will allow you to match them to the colours presented in the living rooms, corridors or bedrooms.

How to arrange a flowerbed at home?

Wondering where to put the flowerbed at home? In fact, you can put it anywhere, the only limit is actually the preferences of our plants. Room flowerbeds are a remarkable kind of decoration that will complement the arrangement of many interiors. You can place a flower box in the living room, next to a chest of drawers, a sofa, in a corner of the room or choose a hanging model and place it on the wall, e.g. behind a sofa. These types of plant containers offer many arrangement possibilities and are very functional.

Therefore, if you have a lot of free space, you can use a large, standing flowerbed to divide the space, e.g. to separate the living room from the dining room or to create a reading corner in one of the rooms. This is a very stylish and modern solution which will surprise everyone. The rectangular metal flowerbed from the Ferm Living Plant Box collection is perfect for this role, as it can function not only as a flowerbed, but can also be used as a place to store magazines or other trinkets.

That's interesting!

You can find out more about the flowerbeds from the Ferm Living Plant Box collection in the FA magazine: Ferm Living Plant Box - a modular flowerbed.

Pots and pot covers placed on a small and narrow stand will look beautiful in a small living room. This is a perfect way to display plants, which will delight with its design and at the same time will not take up much space. Wall-mounted or hanging flowerbeds models are ideal for this type of a room.

A flowerbed with beautiful plants will not only decorate your bedroom, but also your kitchen. A pot on a stand is the perfect place to store fresh herbs! In a small kitchen, a wall-mounted flowerbed will work, while lucky owners of larger kitchen space can place a cascade flowerbed, where you can put the wonderfully fragrant, aromatic plants.

Flowers look beautifully on balconies and terraces, so in addition to indoor models, you will also find garden flowerbeds, which are made of durable, solid and durable materials. Stable and weatherproof, such as sunshine, frost or humidity, the garden flowerbed will certainly serve you for a long time.

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Flowerbeds at home are a great way to create a unique and original decoration, which, together with the beautiful plants hidden inside them, introduce a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. So find the perfect flowerbed for you, which will make your beautiful flowers stand out in an impressive way. And one more thing! Don't forget to buy a watering can and flower accessories! They will help you to grow your plants every day.


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