Tasche Organic Bag XL

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Tasche Organic Bag XL pink

Tasche Organic Bag XL pink

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Product description


It is difficult to include in the design of one product functionality, great design and care for the environment ... Well, unless we are talking about a Tasche XL Organic bag , which will also fit all your purchases, laundry, large rectangular pots or whatever you wish!

Main features:
  • The Tasche XL Organic bag is extremely roomy and will be a great alternative to plastic shopping bags.
  • It is made of organic plastic obtained from cellulose, which is fully recyclable, so it is ideal for people who care about the environment.
  • The material is light and yet extremely durable.
How to use:
  • The Tasche XL Organic bag is perfect for shopping, as a casual or picnic bag or as a storage container.
Materials used:
  • It was made of a material made entirely of cellulose , which is recyclable.
Good to know!
  • In the Organic collection of the Koziol brand you will find products that have been made with the utmost care and care for the environment.
Available versions:
  • Tasche Organic Bag XL grey, Tasche Organic Bag XL pink, Tasche Organic Bag XL blue, Tasche Organic Bag XL green

Collection Koziol Organic
Koziol Organic is a collection created for those who look to the future. Kitchen accessories, storage containers and dishes with modern shapes and fresh, subtle colours will make your meals taste sunny and summer. What's more, the extremely durable and lightweight material is made from cellulose and can be completely recycled. Pack your plates and cups and enjoy the sun on your picnic or terrace! The Organic collection is a great choice for you and the environment.




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Customer opinions (29)

Average rating:
4.9/5.0Share your opinion
  • Dorota Z Wrocławia18/11/2021 r.
    The bag looks great, it is very well made. I hope the gifted person will be satisfied
  • karolina z warszawy9/09/2021 r.
    Very comfortable, nice, seems durable - I use it as a basket for 'miscellaneous' in the car - jackets, children's toys, etc :)
  • Agata z Poz24/05/2021 r.
    Great bag! Aesthetically pleasing, good material. It is a bit heavy but it doesn't matter because I carry heavy shopping in it anyway, so it doesn't matter: ) It is nice, stable, fits perfectly in the boot of a car, the shopping is evenly arranged inside, nothing flies around chaotically. Holds well in hand, even with heavy filling. Extra purchase, because it is on special offer: ) And 100% recyclable.
  • Ola ze Szczecina14/05/2021 r.
    This is the second bag of the same kind. This one is for Mum <3
  • Monika13/05/2021 r.
    Aesthetically pleasing, capacious, but very uncomfortable and heavy - there is no way to hold it, it digs into your arm or hand, coming back from shopping is a torture. Now I just store vegetables in it in the kitchen.
  • Iwona13/05/2021 r.
  • Ola ze Szczecina7/05/2021 r.
    It looks so good that I immediately had to order a second one for Mum :)
  • Anna22/04/2021 r.
    The bag is perfect for the beach.
  • Kasia z Łodzi15/04/2021 r.
    Does the product live up to expectations? It is fantastic!!!
  • Małgosia z Warszawy15/04/2021 r.
    I have 4 bags so let me tell you they are really mega.
    I recommend xl for shopping and more - they work really well, even when they are standing in the hallway they look insanely decorative.
    Even when standing in the hallway they look gorgeous as a decoration. 4 pieces are just right for such bigger purchases. Since I got them, I can finally sort the assortment from the very beginning.
    I highly recommend
  • Joanna25/02/2021 r.
    Super alternative to shopping nets, works great as a lunch bag for work.
  • Monika18/02/2021 r.
    Great, big, practical and beautiful.
  • Agnieszka z Warszawy31/12/2020 r.
    Very useful product, durable, aesthetically pleasing :-)
  • Bozena z Elblaga24/09/2020 r.
    The product meets my expectations. It's the second in the series. I especially recommend it to the drivers. Nothing will fall out, nothing will spill out.
  • Michał18/09/2020 r.
    The wife is very pleased with the quality of the bag.
  • Justyna27/08/2020 r.
    Great shopping bag. Great quality. Shop at the highest level.
  • Ola6/08/2020 r.
    Super shopping basket. I've been using it for many years. He could have stronger ears.
  • Julka_200930/07/2020 r.
    Awesome bag. However, there were no dimensions given, which makes it difficult to choose the right one.
  • Monika Bydgoszcz30/07/2020 r.
    I recommend it.
  • Jacek z Wrocławia9/07/2020 r.
    Big, practical, impressive.
  • Nata z Wrocławia26/06/2020 r.
    It will accommodate large purchases and many, many other things. A very good quality product.
  • Renata W.11/06/2020 r.
    My third goat basket. Very capacious, easy to clean, lightweight, ideal for both shopping and storing various things.
  • Ewa z Jedlicz28/05/2020 r.
    I love those bags. They're like wood baskets for the fireplace. I have three of them, because one would be too small. But carrying wood is easier, because a small basket is lighter :)
  • ewelina21/05/2020 r.
    product as described. Robustly made, quick shipping,
  • Agnieszka14/05/2020 r.
  • Iwona2/04/2020 r.
    Very cool and practical shopping bag. For the present times (coronavirus) it is necessary to wash or disinfect it. I RECOMMEND IT !!!
  • Ania8/08/2019 r.
    Beautiful. Capacious and functional.
  • Beata z Knurowa4/07/2019 r.
    A great bag, multifunctional, for everything and for everything! Simple, modest and beautiful!
  • Aneta z Jeleniej Góry18/04/2019 r.
    The bag is just great. I really recommend it.
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