Silk Decorative panel

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Silk Decorative panel

Silk Decorative panel

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Product description


This design incorporates tangled lines which bring to mind a loosely woven fabric. In two places on the panel these lines are more dense, which enables you to create circular patterns by piecing the panels together. This complex design looks especially good in simple and austere interiors. Variously coloured panels by Koziol have many uses. They boost creativity and bring a considerable change to any interior. Partitioning your interior is a great way to add to its attractiveness. Each of these sets has two hooks for hanging and piecing the panels together.




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27 cm (10.63 in)


27 cm (10.63 in)




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More about this product

Koziol decorative panels - untamed creativity.

You are limited ... only by your fantasy!

It is not often that a ready, shaped product available on a store shelf opens up a whole universe of possibilities for buyers. It is particularly difficult to find such proposals in the case of interior design elements. Usually unique items, refined by designers to the smallest cut and the most delicate curvature, constitute a complete, almost perfect, functional and beautiful product.

However pleasant it is to surround yourself with original, effective objects designed by world-class specialists, the real pleasure can be found in creating it yourself. Thanks to FormAdore and the Koziol company and its extraordinary ideas, it is now possible to freely shape the space that surrounds us. Products from the Spheres collection - decorative panels and hanging decorations - are an invitation to creative play and a chance to arrange unique, beautiful interiors.

Easy to assemble

Hooks are attached to each panel to connect the tiles into groups. Each tile has four holes for hooks located in its corners. Thanks to this, you can create hanging structures from tiles of different colors and appearance. All you need to do is use the cornice or crossbar to hang the ready-made group.

Examples of applications of Koziol panels.

Structures made of decorative panels are a very versatile product. Openwork structures made of tiles are a perfect substitute for curtains. The material from which the panels are produced is available in both transparent and opaque versions. Both variants refract and reflect light wonderfully, additionally affecting the surrounding space. Colorful, transparent panels, letting rays of light pass through them, give them a vivid color that instantly dissolves around the room.

Another application is the use of tiles as original wall decorations. This solution has the advantage over wallpaper that it is much more flexible and it is easier to model it at your own discretion, at any given moment. Changing patterns, enlarging or reducing the size of decorations, modifying colors are not the slightest problem and can be done very quickly.

However, Koziol decorative panels were created with a different task in mind - space modeling. Hanging groups of tiles can be used as surfaces separating individual areas in the rooms. Used in this way, they create a unique aura, turning large spaces into cozy places, and they also look impressive and give a sense of intimacy. Their lightness means that, despite the division of the surface, they allow for free communication, do not create a claustrophobic impression and allow light into every nook and cranny of the room. This use of decorative panels opens up enormous possibilities - spaces with different functions can now be separated in a very sophisticated way. Separating the living room, kitchen and dining room, hall and dressing room or toilet and washbasin in the bathroom, as you can see, does not have to involve the purchase of fancy furniture or building structures made of building materials. FormAdore introduces a product to the Polish market that will undoubtedly change the way we think about interior decoration and revolutionize the way we arrange our apartments.

Not only practical ...

Fortunately, the orientation of decorative panels to the multitude of functions did not diminish their aesthetic value. The involvement of design offices and individual designers has resulted in a wealth of unique designs. The surface of the tiles became a canvas on which the artists' talent exploded with all their strength. The use of the texture of the material, the possibility of shaping it and maintaining light in contact with the panels has led to the creation of unique proposals that bring not only a pure function to the interior, but also an original appearance. Designs as varied as the simple and dynamic Stixx consisting of scattered lines, or the shape of the Romance rose flower with an irregular light-refracting surface, have found their place in the Koziol Spheres collection. A wide range of patterns is a real treat for those who like original combinations and a guarantee of finding a panel that meets the requirements of the interior.

If the decorative panels have awakened your imagination and touched your creative mind, you will surely be pleased that the Spheres collection includes not only them. Hanging decorations complement the idea of independent design, which guided the designers participating in the Spheres project. Decorative plastic elements created by the German company, just like the panels, have many applications.

Products such as Antoinette, Ivy or Lia - plant-based ornaments - can be a kind of three-dimensional wallpaper. Attached to the wall and joined together in places prepared by the manufacturer, they will be an easy to rearrange and very original decoration. The advantage of such an ornament over traditional wallpaper is not only its flexibility, but also the way it influences the surroundings through a delicate play of light. Additionally, decorations may detach from the wall and entangle adjacent objects: cabinets, shelves or chests of drawers.

The most important element of the Spheres collection, however, is the possibility of releasing creative energy, passion for creation and the maximum use of ideas for original, effective, intriguing interiors. Although stylish and thoughtful, decorative panels and hanging ornaments show their full splendor only in the context of the spaces in which they will be placed. Therefore, when the last panel hovers in its place, the creator, creator using the graceful material offered at will be able to be proud of his work. Only himself, because he will be able to owe a stunning end result.

Customer opinions (21)

Average rating:
4.8/5.0Share your opinion
  • Aga z Gizałek4/12/2014 r.
    The product has met my expectations, it fits my interior perfectly by dividing the kitchenette and the dining room. Exactly made. Superer !!! I would recommend !!!
  • Beata z Lubuskiego14/08/2014 r.
    The product meets my expectations, looks great.
  • m8/05/2014 r.
    What surprised me was the thickness of the panel - it would seem that it is thicker, and the tubes from which the panel is made are perforated in cross-section. The panel is too small, it should have been 1 x larger. Connections are metal, do not fit the delicate nature of the panels.
  • Ewelina31/01/2014 r.
    The panels perfectly match my interior in a modern style. Together with large rectangular flowerpots and lighting, they separate the living room from the corridor part. Lighting directed to the wall of the panels emphasizes their color - anthracite. The only minus should be attributed to the description of the product, which does not indicate the distance between the panels after hanging on the hooks from the set. In my case, it turned out that I would not fit 9 pieces only 8, and because I have 6 rows - 6 pieces turned out to be unnecessary.
  • Sylwii z Zagłębia19/09/2013 r.
    A small piece of plastic and joy and ideas about what you can do with it!
  • Agnieszka16/02/2013 r.
    panels of very good material, finished with attention to detail but I expected a greater impression they will do in the interior and they are just nice
  • Magda ze Szczecina20/09/2012 r.
    I am happy with the result - I placed the panels next to the balcony window and this complemented my modern room
  • Magda ze Szczecina20/09/2012 r.
    I am very happy with the effect - the panels are replaced by curtains - the balcony windows arranged in the vicinity complemented my modern room.
  • Motylek- Kalisz13/01/2012 r.
    A great thing. You can make cool pads for the plate, and as a decoration it works 100%. Well done.
  • Ksenia z Wrocławia1/01/2012 r.
    The panels are very carefully made and elegant - for larger surfaces they are all expensive, but I think the effect is worth it.
  • Klaudia ze Starachowic28/09/2011 r.
    the purchase met my expectations, the decoration was great
  • Marta z ostrowca8/09/2011 r.
    The panel looks very impressive, it blends very well with the background of a brown wallpaper. An amazing effect is after lighting. The drawback is that the hooks that connect the panels to each other are in the color of metal, and the transparent panel does not necessarily match :( but I still encourage you to buy.
  • Wiesiek z Łodzi26/11/2010 r.
    The product is in line with my expectations and the implementation is already super express.Gorąco recommend doing shopping there.
  • EDYTA Z CHOJNIC22/10/2010 r.
    great product, beautiful, beautiful, other, I recommend, does the impression ,,,,,,, cudo
  • EDYTA Z CHOJNIC16/10/2010 r.
    Super, he's doing amazing impression, only the idea and people are coming out of admiration, great, extra, I recommend.
  • Tomasz-Warszawa12/05/2010 r.
    Polecam.Staranne wykonanie.Bardzo present well in the bathroom window.
  • slawek gdynia16/03/2010 r.
    I recommend beautifully fits in with violet perfect for the hallway
  • slawek gdynia16/03/2010 r.
    I recommend
  • Ida22/02/2010 r.
    Very nice panels, impressively present themselves in the room.
  • Ida22/02/2010 r.
    Very nice panels, look impressive in the room, make it look as if they were made of metal
  • Magda M.4/01/2010 r.
    The product is made carefully. Looks very nice after hanging. In my opinion, the only drawback is the handles connecting individual elements - they could be made of better quality material.
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