Bread & Dip Bread container with board and snack bowls

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Bread & Dip Bread container white with a tray for snacks

Bread & Dip Bread container white with a tray for snacks

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Product description


Bread & Dip is a practical 'snack' set for serving bread and additions to the table . The lovers of French cheeses and Italian toasts with oil and balsamic vinegar will surely ignite a special love for this set. The square-shaped container will fit a lot of fresh bread, and in a triple ceramic bowl you can put all kinds of aromatic liquids and spreads : oil, vinegar, honey, guacamole, dips, salsa, marmalades, as well as olives, dried tomatoes, garlic butter, etc. The set is completed with a bamboo board, on which you can cut bread or serve cheese. The board is fitted to the edge of the container and can also be used as a cover to protect starters from the unpleasant (because dried up) consequences of being late.
Available versions:
  • Bread & Dip Bread container white with a tray for snacks


Product ID



ceramics, bamboo wood, plastic

Type of snack accessory

snack bowls, plates & trays


24 cm (9.45 in)


24 cm (9.45 in)


10.80 cm (4.25 in)





Customer opinions (18)

Average rating:
4.4/5.0Share your opinion
  • Dorota z Łodzi15/05/2020 r.
    it looks great on the table. I'm glad
  • pomorze13/09/2018 r.
    The embroidered porcelain bread turned out to be a plastic box with a porcelain dip container
    Blue - far from being a breadbox that is wrapped in blue, compared to porcelain, plastic is not snow-mobile.

    Nice finish (hence 2 stars) but not worth the price.
  • Iza z Warszawy5/06/2017 r.
    Very nice and useful haversack. Very good workmanship and versatility of use in the kitchen make the product worth recommending! :)
  • Zen19/01/2017 r.
    Visually ok, while the plastic thin walls of the bread container make the product unstable.
  • Katarzyna z Warszawy29/09/2016 r.
    Sensational container, very aesthetically made, the board fits perfectly into the container, does not stick out anywhere. I bought a container for a wedding gift, I watched it live, I also bought a home for myself :)
  • Monika z Warszawy2/06/2016 r.
    As always with you great quality! I recommend it to everyone who wants to make an elegant gift - in my case it is a wedding gift. Even the transport packaging is stylish ....
  • Dorota z Krakowa25/02/2015 r.
    The best idea for organizing on a small table :) All together - great :) Fact, the color is greenish, but whatever. Nice purchase and I'm looking for other good solutions. I would recommend!
  • Jarek10/07/2014 r.
    not only the amateur of Mediterranean cuisine, this chic container for bread will serve as a dish and as an ornament in the kitchen
  • A z Krakowa22/02/2014 r.
    A very interesting idea for a container not only for bread, it can also be used for crisps. At home, in the garden, I recommend :) A
  • em17/10/2013 r.
    very nice and practical container, the only note is that in the pictures it looks black and actually has a different color - falling into the green, beyond any remarks.
  • Agnieszka z Warszawy22/11/2012 r.
    interesting, unpositioned. Perfect for a casual meeting with wine, cheese and baguette. It is a pity that the container for bread is made of plastic ... the picture looks more interesting.
  • D. Kołobrzeg4/10/2012 r.
    Very practical container. Just like in the picture. Service at the highest level. I heartily recommend.
  • Tomek5/03/2012 r.
    A little too small container for bread. I thought he would also be a chelbak, but all the bread would not fit.
  • kate20031/10/2011 r.
    Everything is beautiful, but in the picture, at least in my opinion, the container seems black or at least dark gray, unfortunately in reality it is greenish .... and besides, a very practical set.
  • agrawes5/02/2011 r.
    light, interesting in the form of a bowl. The only thing that seemed bigger in the photo on the internet. otherwise great!
  • EMS2131/12/2010 r.
    I have delayed the purchase of this container, because I am not used to storing bread in "plastics". But the cutting board and the additive bowl were very tempting, because together they are a great set. I will probably only use it as a container for vegetables to dip in dips, and the board will be for cheese.
  • Ela z Warszawy12/12/2010 r.
    The container not only works in the garden, but also at home. A greatly made, aesthetically pleasing board, as well as a container for dips. I am very happy with the purchase :)
  • gosia z wlkp10/12/2010 r.
    product well made, although it is intended for a gift, so I can not judge whether it meets its functions, but the overall appearance is satisfactory and I think that the new owners will be satisfied. I bought it for parties in the garden.
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