Table clocks and alarm clocks for retro design lovers

The retro clocks are still popular and are often used in the interior design. It comes as a no surprise - after all, they charm us with their form, colour and aesthetics of the workmanship, combining functionality with unusual design. Inspired by the old times and made of high quality materials, vintage clocks emphasize the character of many interiors.

What is characteristic of the retro style?

The retro style...

is an interior design trend, referring to the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Modern rooms look original thanks to the old furniture and decorations. In retro interiors you should not forget about solid, massive, and yet simple furniture made of wood, as well as about soft and upholstered lounge furniture in subtle colors. The retro style does not like edges that resemble the modern style, so the furniture should have rounded shapes.

Arne Jacobsen table clock
Classic Bell metal alarm clock

But the furniture is not everything! The retro style is all about well chosen accessories. Thanks to them, we can give each interior an appropriate ambiance, thus emphasizing its unique character. Above all, the retro style loves patterned textiles in contrasting colours in the form of decorative tablecloths, pillows or curtains. It also adores carpets, lamps with lampshades, golden mirrors and, of course, alarm clocks and table clocks that look like in the old days.

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Table clocks are a functional decorative accessory that looks great in different interiors. Find out more about table clocks from FA magazine: Up to date table clocks. Match them with your interior!

Retro table clocks and alarm clocks in your interior

Clocks have long stopped to only serve a practical purpose at our homes. Properly selected, they are an inseparable element of the interior design of the rooms, being an elegant and unique addition. More and more often, interiors and retro-style accessories are being found in apartments. One of such elements is a retro alarm clock.

There is no shortage of lovers of retro alarm clocks. No wonder, since vintage alarm clocks delight us with the high quality of workmanship in wood or metal, solid and massive hands, beautiful colours and well-balanced decorations. They look like the alarm clocks which can still be found in our grandparents' bedrooms - round, standing on the leg, equipped with a hammer and two bells on top.

Alarm clock Oswold

A retro-style alarm clock can be a great and a practical decoration, especially in a bedroom. For this kind of interior we particularly recommend a retro loud alarm clock, the sound of which can  wake up even the biggest sleepyhead! However, a properly selected model of a table clock can be successfully placed in the living room, kitchen or office. These types of timepieces are perfect for the interiors inspired by the old times, but they also work well in modern rooms, where they become a great attraction and create a breakthrough in the modern design. Thanks to an alarm clock that resembles the past years, the interiors will be chic and classy, and will express our imagination, creativity and good taste. An alarm clock stylized as if it comes from the old times is an element that will not go unnoticed and will be an exceptionally decorative "final touch" of a given arrangement.

    Napoleon Skeleton Table Clock
    Smart table clock
    Table Clock Arch Top Skeleton

Mantel clocks

If you are a retro style lover and an owner of a fireplace, we have the perfect solution for you, which is a mantel clock. Its characteristic feature is a solid base, a semi-circular top and an unusual look, reminiscent of the old days. These clocks are massive and quite heavy, and that is why they look the best above large fireplaces in spacious rooms decorated in retro and vintage style. Beautiful, stylish mantel clocks will add some character and expresiveness to any interior!

The retro alarm clock is a great gift idea too! Because of its tasteful and elegant character, it will work perfectly as both a formal and a less formal gift, which will certainly pleasantly surprise the recipient and be a great souvenir for many years.

Astro alarm clock
Alarm clock Blaze

Electronic alarm clocks - the ideal solution for modern style enthusiasts

However, if retro clocks do not appeal to you, or if they do not match your interior design, please check out our extensive range in modern, function-packed electronic alarm clocks. We offer many models of such timepieces, which are characterized by their simple shapes, deep colours, illuminated dials, phosphorescent hands and a lot of practical functions such as the snooze function, the temperature display and the date stamp. It is the perfect choice for modern, minimalist and industrial bedrooms.

If you have interiors decorated in the retro style or you are just planning an arrangement in this convention - remember to choose stylish accessories such as retro table clocks, which will perfectly complement the decor of interiors decorated in this style. The combination of modern and retro elements is equally successful!


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