Sanctuary4 docking station

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Sanctuary4 docking station
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Sanctuary4 docking station is another product by Bluelounge, which has been designed to get rid of all the mess caused by your cables getting entangled. Sancturay4 is equipped with 4-amp charger which will give you enough power to charge up to 4 devices at once. Sanctuary4 includes 4 USB ports so that the cables that come with each of the devices can be easily used with the station. Still they won't be seen all over your desk, as the rubberized tray will easily cover them up, making it comfortable enough to plug in and out all your electronic gadgets whenever you need them. Sancturay4 comes with one Bluelounge Charge & Sync Micro-USB short cable (8 in.) and an adjustable tablet stand. The docking station is suitable for all electronic devices such as phones, smartphones, tablets, Kindles, etc. Its timeless form, durable materials, modern shape and neutral colors make the station a perfect hub for recharging your devices everywhere - not only in the office but also in your bedroom, livingroom or a hall.

material: plastic

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Sanctuary4 docking station black - smallzoomSanctuary4 docking station black
SKU: BG-0032056
EUR 9524 h
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Sanctuary4 docking station white - smallzoomSanctuary4 docking station white
SKU: BG-0032055
EUR 954 business days
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