Roger Paper towel rack

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Product description


Roger is a very shy bunny. This is why he has chosen to make his home in a place where he always feels secure and comfortable - inside the roll of a paper towel. This friendly creature is one of a number of kitchen helpers from the German manufacturer Koziol. This paper towel stand looks very attractive and brings a smile to everyone's face. The bunny's feet prevent paper towels from unfolding which makes them easier to tear off. Available in a variety of colours, Roger will bring a good dose of humour to every kitchen.
Available versions:
  • Roger Paper towel rack black, Roger Paper towel rack white




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Vega Design




33.40 cm (13.15 in)






Koziol 2021 catalogue

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Koziol 2020 catalogue

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Customer opinions (21)

Average rating:
4.8/5.0Share your opinion
  • Monika21/05/2020 r.
    Wonderful, but only for small rolls.
  • Ania z Poznania18/07/2019 r.
    A stand ingeniously made of good quality material
  • Wioletta z Łodzi16/07/2018 r.
    I think it fits into an interior that is as modern as my apartment.Super made.I'm very pleased.
  • Asia z Poznania5/03/2016 r.
    A lovable bunny. I was surprised that Koziol had attached a roll of paper; it was nice :-)
  • Zuzia z Warszawy5/11/2015 r.
    I have been waiting for Roger for a long time, but it was worth it. The stand is very nice and functional at the same time. The bottom of the stand is non-slip, so when the towel is peeled off, the stand does not move. Thanks to the so-called "rabbit jumps" - referred to in the product description - actually the towel does not develop and the whole structure is compact, not taking up much space in the kitchen.
  • Ola z Warszawy18/09/2015 r.
    Superfantastic hare :)
  • iza2/07/2015 r.
    Roger looks fantastic. I think the purchase is successful, but the stand is not suitable for large rolls of paper.
  • Ania z Wroclawia28/08/2014 r.
    It looks nice, but unfortunately it is quite subversive and does not fit large rolls of towels.
  • Karola z Warszawy27/03/2014 r.
    nice and stable
  • mj18/08/2013 r.
    The product looks the same as in the picture attached. Stable. Aesthetic. It takes up little space.
  • Ania z Rzeszowa9/11/2012 r.
    Roger looks at me from the kitchen counter, it is unusual, it attracts the attention of visitors. So far, it's been used very well.
  • Donata Kordek z Krosna Odrzanskiego1/08/2012 r.
    good cheer in the kitchen :) cheer up and super looks :) cooking takes on a more joyful meaning :) I love funny colorful things for the kitchen :) I have a bed with a towel :) under the hand :) I recommend :) great purchase
  • Joanna z Gdańska15/06/2012 r.
    it looks beautiful in my kitchen, a great purchase
  • ekw28/01/2012 r.
    A useful, aesthetic gadget. It does not take up much space. It houses even wider rolls of paper, it can easily be moved by grabbing the ears, which is sometimes important in the kitchen. I would recommend!
  • miko15/12/2011 r.
    Roger looks amazing in my kitchen. Paper towels finally have their place. As a huge fan of the brand Kozosiol I recommend this product.
  • Ania3/01/2011 r.
    Very nice, but due to the small diameter of the base, it is not stable and a large roll of paper does not fit. But it looks nice :)
  • Tosia9/12/2010 r.
    a gadget that allows (in the absence of a stationary towel rack) to keep towels in some sort of order
  • Monika z Łodzi20/07/2010 r.
    A nice, aesthetically made product. It should be noted that only very narrow towels fit into it. After inserting a new towel, there is a lot of use - it does not rotate around its own axis. Probably because during the first use my man bathed the rack with a towel in a tub full of water. ;)
  • Kasia z Siedlec15/06/2010 r.
    Roger will cheer up every kitchen and help maintain order.
  • M z Wrocławia16/05/2010 r.
    A charming look !!!! A little unstable but I attached it from the bottom with double-sided tape. The feet prevent shifting. It's really worth using a tape for this sweet look !!!
  • DS6/04/2010 r.
    Roger came into my kitchen and I was happier :) :) After the protu is beautiful, and the roll of paper has found its place.)
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