Chop2Pot Plus Cutting board 22 x 26 cm

JJ-0073411 (60157)
Joseph Joseph
Chop2Pot Plus Cutting board 22 x 26 cm grey-blue

Chop2Pot Plus Cutting board 22 x 26 cm grey-blue

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Product description


The innovative, award-winning design of Marek Sanders has gained a lot of supporters with its simplicity and practical character - that's why Joseph Joseph introduced the even more functional Chop2Pot Plus to the offer .

Main features:
  • Thanks to the folds, the board can be folded and the shredded parts can be conveniently thrown into the pot, without scattering them sideways.
  • Chop2Pot Plus is made of durable polypropylene, which provides resistance to a number of factors and long life.
  • A novelty is equipping the board with non-slip pads that prevent Chop2Pot Plus from sliding over the countertop during cutting.
  • The non-slip material also found its way onto the board handle, where it prevents the tool from slipping out of your hand when throwing ingredients into the pot.
How to use:
  • A wide selection of colors means that everyone will find the right color for their kitchen.
Materials used:
  • They were made of plastic.
Good to know!
  • Chop2Pot Plus has a three-year warranty.
Available versions:
  • Chop2Pot Plus Cutting board 22 x 26 cm grey-blue


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22 cm (8.66 in)


26 cm (10.24 in)






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