Paris Cooking pot set 5 el.

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Product description


A set of German Fissler pots from the Paris line. Solid, durable pots can be used on any type of cooker, including induction cookers. The thick bottom perfectly spreads and maintains heat. Pots are easy to keep clean thanks to the rounded inside and dishwasher safe. A properly profiled rim prevents dripping during pouring. The combination of stainless steel in matt and polished versions (edges and pot holders) and glass creates a visually attractive whole. The set is made of 18/10 stainless steel and has 4 glass covers.
The set consists of 5 elements:
- medium pot with lid 16 cm 2,1l
- medium pot with lid, 20 cm, 3.7l
- medium pot with lid 24 cm 5.8l
- low pot with lid, 20 cm, 2.4l
- 16 cm saucepan 1.4l




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stainless steel, glass


induction yes


dishwasher safe

Oven safe







Fissler 2021 catalogue

PDF • 5,14 MB

More about this product

Can be used on gas stoves Can be used on electric cookers
Can be used on induction cookers The energy-saving bottom accumulates heat
Can be used on ceramic cookers Made of 18/10 stainless steel
The tightly closed lid allows you to cook even with a small amount of water Contoured edge for pouring.
Can be safely washed in the dishwasher Rounded edges at the bottom of the dishes for easy cleaning.

Customer opinions (9)

Average rating:
4.9/5.0Share your opinion
  • Sylwia z Białegostoku21/02/2012 r.
    I am very happy with the purchase of these pots. For me, they are very exclusive. They look very nice. They wash well in the dishwasher. Only what I can "attach" to is a quite high handle in the lid - it takes up more space in the dishwasher and refrigerator (height of the shelf). In general, I can recommend them!
  • dan z Rzeszowa18/01/2012 r.
    Super pots
  • Żaneta28/12/2011 r.
    I want to cook! I have only a few days of pots (Christmas present), they look lovely, they cook quickly and the lids do not jump. An additional plus for a very fast delivery!
  • Gaba29/10/2011 r.
    After a month of cooking in these pots, I can say that I'm happy with them. The pots are aesthetic and practical and easy to wash.
  • Piotrek z Warszawy26/11/2010 r.
    As always, the highest quality of this manufacturer. It's hard to expect more. Very aesthetic. Simple to maintain.
  • michał z rzeszowa27/10/2010 r.
    The product is really very good quality and made with attention to detail. This is a set of the most and the most used pots. For this money it is really worth it, because it is a pity to spend 2000 zloty on other lines, which is only differentiated by design.
  • Anna i Roman z Wrocławia7/10/2010 r.
    Functionally excellent product. Pretty aesthetic. The bottom turns into gray dots after the first boiling of water (the recommended addition of lemon does not help) - but who does it bother you?
  • emka k.6/10/2010 r.
    Top class pots. I have not had the opportunity to use but I can see with my naked eye that this is a German product. The quality and the way they are made deserve 6. They look very good, much better than in the picture. For this price it is worth it. I would highly recommend !
  • Fan gotowania24/05/2010 r.
    I did not expect a special revelation for this price but the pots are really good. The only thing I could change in them is to add a hole in the lids (as I have it in some lids purchased separately). Then the cover would not "jump". Important and visible advantage, soups (generally dishes) start to cook very quickly and then there is less fire than on existing pots. This causes psychological comfort "gas saving ".
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