Menu toothbrush holder

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Menu toothbrush holder
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Stylish, simple and elegant. The Menu toothbrush holder is an ideal solution for a modern, minimalist bathroom with a Scandinavian breeze. This smooth, simplistic holder rounded at its base is made of plastic and stainless steel. Finished with a steel ring, the Menu toothbrush holder has a sieve at the bottom which keeps the toothbrush away from dampness, for hygienic use. It is perfect for modern, ascetic bathrooms as well as for any place incorporating organic and natural elements. The toothbrush holder is a product from the Menu bathroom collection whose most distinctive features are simplicity, elegance, attention to detail and high quality materials.

material: plastic, stainless steel
height: 11 cm
diameter: 8.50 cm

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Menu toothbrush holder white - smallzoomMenu toothbrush holder white
SKU: MN-0024755
EUR 392 business days
Menu toothbrush holder black - smallzoomMenu toothbrush holder black
SKU: MN-0024756
EUR 392 business days
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