Loqi reusable bag Forest

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Loqi reusable bag Forest
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Magical magpies, dancing deer and a light-footed fox in the fairy tale world of the FOREST collection by Loqi.
Reusable, eco-friendly bags by Loqi are a must have for every trendsetter and all shopping-lovers. The colourful shoppers are strong like a man (they can carry up to 20 kg), light as a feather (55 g), are chemical-free and their numerous designs match all characters and personalities. With the size of 50 x 42 cm, they include an internal pocket (11 x 11,5 cm) and a practical and comfortable handle (27 cm long). Water resistant, washable, food-safe, OEKO-TEX certified bags are decorated with graphics designed by various artists in urban, artistic, botanical or pop style. The bags, perfect for shopping, local market, hollidays, university or a library, can be easily folded in three ways - by folding them neatly using the pocket included, by rolling them or simply by stuffing them into a pocket. Take them everywhere and enjoy!

material: polyester
width: 50 cm
height: 42 cm
weight: 0.06 kg

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Loqi reusable bag Forest Deer - smallzoomLoqi reusable bag Forest Deer
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Loqi reusable bag Forest Bird - smallzoomLoqi reusable bag Forest Bird
SKU: LQ-0038082
EUR 924 h
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