Sden toothbrush cover 2 pcs.

A di Alessi
designed by
Stefano Pirovano, CSA
Sden toothbrush cover 2 pcs.
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The Sden toothbrush cover is one of three elements of bathroom equipment designed for brushing teeth, created by Stefano Pirovano under the watchful eye of Laura Polinori. This collection also features the Otto dental floss dispenser and the Rondo toothbrush cap. All these accessories make up the A di Alessi catalogue. They are meant for children, although adults tend to use them too. Sden is available in two dual colour schemes.

material: plastic
width: 3.30 cm
height: 5.30 cm
length: 5.50 cm

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Sden toothbrush cover 2 pcs. red and navy blue - smallzoomSden toothbrush cover 2 pcs. red and navy blue
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