Otto dental floss holder

A di Alessi
designed by
Stefano Pirovano
Otto dental floss holder
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The Otto dental floss holder. Its belly can be opened to access dental floss, which is dispensed through the figure's mouth (toothless, shamefully). The floss can easily be severed with a metal element in the figure's hand.

material: plastic
width: 4.50 cm
height: 5.50 cm
length: 7 cm

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Otto dental floss holder navy blue - smallzoomOtto dental floss holder navy blue
SKU: AL-005447
EUR 1424 h
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Otto dental floss holder blue - smallzoomOtto dental floss holder blue
SKU: AL-005449
EUR 1424 h
product on stock
Otto dental floss holder red - smallzoomOtto dental floss holder red
SKU: AL-005453
EUR 1424 h
product on stock
Otto dental floss holder pink - smallzoomOtto dental floss holder pink
SKU: AL-005451
EUR 148 business days
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Date: 11/02/2011
"very nice and nice product, knife of cutting deals with on average, and the quality of the dental floss could be better... "

Date: 03/11/2011
""according to me it is an issue of the thread, rather than the knife. I replaced the thread and doesn't have a problem; o) ""

Date: 02/03/2011
"Unfortunately I am confirming the weak quality of the knife: (his delicious appearance is an Undeniable OTTO plus. And easiness of replacing thread worn out. "

Date: 01/28/2011
"manikin funny and cheering up, unfortunately rotten knife, he is tearing and is pulling the thread instead of to sting her. To put on the washbasin - yes, to use - worse "

Author: PKR
Data: 01/14/2011
""Nice, cheerful gadget. Red. It is possible to open it and to mention the input. Steadily he/she is based on a washbasin (big flat feet). Knife of cutting the thread in two slightly blunt (is cutting, but not so easily as the ones in ordinary containers for the dental floss) - perhaps I was unlucky; it is interesting whether it is possible to replace such a knife. Generally, on the assumption that I was unlucky by the knife, of guards of the order. Unconditionally when won't be used - looks sensational. ""

Author: Lidia
Data: 05/03/2010
""Brilliant! A broad smile is guaranteed every day;) ""

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