Gnam bread bin

A di Alessi
designed by
Elisa Gargan & Stefano Giovannoni
Gnam bread bin
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A cosmic version of a bread bin featuring rounded lines and polished polymer make available in 4 vivid colours. It was designed by the duo of Giovannoni and Gargan for Alessi in 2000. Its slightly raised lid gives you access to a large amount of space for storing loaves, buns, baguettes and other kinds of bread.

material: acrylic glass
width: 30 cm
height: 16.50 cm
length: 46 cm

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Gnam bread bin orange - smallzoomGnam bread bin orange
SKU: AL-005061
EUR 5024 h
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Gnam bread bin black - smallzoomGnam bread bin black
SKU: AL-005063
EUR 5024 h
product on stock
Gnam bread bin white - smallzoomGnam bread bin white
SKU: AL-005065
EUR 5024 h
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Gnam bread bin navy blue - smallzoomGnam bread bin navy blue
SKU: AL-005067
EUR 5024 h
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Date: 01/20/2013
""Very cool knapsack. Handy, luxurious - he is opening and is closing very smoothly, without the smallest rustles - what is encouraging using and keeping the bread into his place with. Cool stylist - a bit ""cosmic"", perfectly he will become part of a climate of the modern kitchen but an also modern accent will be checked into the kitchen in the traditional style. Firmly I recommend. After testing different ""supermarketowych"" of bread boxes which quickly they discouraged with failure frequency during otwierania&zamykania of the knapsack, I recommend this product since is reliable:) ""

Date: 11/15/2012
"Knapsack very well made, great is looking in the minimal kitchen. Additionally the white colour is really snow-white rather than lightly cream-coloured/greyish like in some photographs "

Date: 08/09/2012
"Excellent container. In my opinion in terms of the size he is perfect. He will put bread of the typical size (like to Poland) and some 4-5 rolls. He looks brilliantly. Very much nicely made. "

Date: 11/06/2011
"The made product very much carefully, well is performing its function. He matches the modern kitchen. Quite capacious. "

Date: 05/10/2011
"very much I recommend, nice made, wonderfully is looking in the modern interior. He is very original, very practical. I recommend warmly "

Date: 05/10/2011
"super product. nice made. Very much I like him. is very practical. perfectly he integrated into the modern kitchen himself and looks beautiful on the white top. A knife hidden in the interior is an additional asset. Very much I recommend. "

Date: 01/28/2011
"I am very much zadowolona-jest capacious, it is easy to keep it clean. has excellent. warm colours. I recommend! "

Date: 12/31/2010
"super the knapsack great is looking relating to the modern kitchen very much original his capacity isn't only too great but it isn't just disturbing me: -) "

Date: 11/30/2010
"It meets my expectations in terms of workmanship, works lovely as a container for bread... and not only - it is also a nice ornament of the kitchen. "

Date: 06/29/2010
"Delightful container, I waited for it a bit long but it was worth it, I recommend:) "

Date: 05/17/2010
"It's is lovely, and it's easy to keep it clear. Price is the only disadvantage but it's woth it:) "

Author: Roksana from Sosnowiec
Data: 05/04/2010
"An excellent purchase, the best quality product. Looks great in a modern kitchen, dimensions rather for singles:) I recommend "

Author: Justyna from Le?ajsk
Data: 03/12/2010
"I bought two in black. They look incredible and are very practical and simple in keeping them clean. They match the modern interior. "

Date: 01/18/2010
"Great for minimalistic interior, everyone is paying attention to it. a bit too small "

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